Are Fitness Apps for Men Worth It? | How My Male Fitness App Works to Track Workouts

There are a lot of fitness apps out there. Most of them suck.

Why? Because they’re built by people who don’t understand fitness. And the content is made by celebrity bodybuilders or obsessive lifters who got lucky and who don’t know how to create a customizable program that works for each user.

That’s a problem. And you know I fix problems. So I made an app that actually works.

Introducing the Phil Foster Fitness App, designed for everyone from beginner to pro. It tracks 100 percent of the metrics you need. That helps you keep track of weight loss and strength gains. You can document your fitness journey and see exactly what your hard work is producing.

Beginners will love the visual guidance. Every single exercise includes a 4K video demonstration with detailed instructions so you know you’re doing it correctly. No more wearing out joints from improper technique based on some crappy picture. I take no chances when it comes to training and doing your fitness right.

I also include exact numbers of weight that I suggest for every exercise. No more guessing. I design and describe every exercise down to the smallest detail so you never have to feel lost again.

And it’s more than just an app. When you sign up to work with me, this app creates an incredible personal training experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We can train around injuries. I can prescribe the exact weights, sets, and reps for you. And we can target specific programs to get you the exact results you’re looking for.

A lot of online coaches use apps but don’t include metrics. I want to see where you are and what’s working so you can gain the muscle you want to gain and lose the fat you want. And you can track it all and prove that you’re getting your money’s worth. Your experience is spelled out in hard numbers right there at your fingertips.

When you train with me and use my app, you’ll never walk into the gym and struggle to remember what your personal trainer suggested you do. The app has online training and twelve-week guided programs like deadlift, a mass phase to put size on, and a shred program to lose weight. Everything is spelled out in detail and the app keeps perfect track of where you are in the program. Just push play and start working out.

This app keeps the power in your hands. You select the days of the week when you work out. You send me feedback on how things are going. And I work for you to help your tracked numbers increase the way you want them to. We can use the app to recalibrate where you’re at so you can build up towards your goals.

And the Phil Foster Fitness experience goes beyond you and me. You also get access to a community of other people holding you accountable and sharing their experience. It’s easy to get frustrated when it’s just you alone with the machines. But if you’ve got a thriving community encouraging each other toward your goals, you can accomplish anything.

Think we stop there? Hell no. I also do 1:1 nutrition coaching. We can build a macro-based diet plan just for you. Get your fitness rocking both inside and outside of the gym. And the nutrition is calibrated for your specific concerns. For example, I have a vegan client I’m helping get even more protein and even fewer carbs. I also have Paleo and low-carb clients. But I’m not going to tell people to stay away from carbs entirely. I’ve found carnivore to be a non-optimal nutrition strategy. Then again, if that’s what you truly want, I can help you optimize your eating plans. It’s all about you.

Training with me starts fast and speeds up from there. In your first four weeks of any twelve-week plan, we will have you push yourself and track your weight and nutrition closely to see if you lose weight or gain weight based on how much you typically eat. Once we see how your body reacts to that, we adjust your intake. No more playing around and taking it slow. We look for fast results while maintaining sustainability so you keep the weight off. 

Other personal trainers see you for a few workouts in the gym and then check out on you while still collecting your fees. Not me. Using the app gives you a lot of face time with me personally. I am Johnny on the spot, answering your questions when you need answers fast. I walk with you personally through your entire journey until you’ve got the body you’ve always dreamed of.

We gather SO much data from using the app (in a good way)! Your number tracking helps create data-backed nutrition and exercise plans so it works exactly as needed. No more arbitrary rules just because some trainer or dietician says their one plan works fine for everyone else. This is about customizing your fitness to your goals and needs.

Not looking for personal coaching yet? No problem. I also have a retail store on my website where you can subscribe to the app for the year. It’s still gonna be the most useful fitness app you’ve ever seen. And after you see the customized workout plans I can build and deliver to you on the fly, I know you’ll want to go hands-on for targeted training in your personal goals.

But I know not everyone is ready to jump into the full personal training experience right away. That’s why the app also has a DIY option. That’s right, you get all the twelve-week programs. You can pick and choose as you please and start your journey on your own if that’s what you want. Or you and your friends can pick up the app and work on the same detailed programs together. You can even track your stats together and show off bragging rights.

I’m also not here to milk you for training you don’t need. Most clients start off with personal coaching, then as they get closer to their goals they transition to the subscription so they get targeted help with exactly what their body needs. No pressure, no abandonment. All the help you need when you need it without any personal trainer calling you and hounding you.

If you’re ready to harness the power of technology to take your fitness to the next level, pick up my app right here. It’s time to get serious about your body.