Are Online Personal Training Packages Worth It? | Find an Online Personal Trainer in Texas

Are Online Personal Training Packages Worth It? | Find an Online Personal Trainer in Texas

The pandemic made all personal trainers online trainers whether we wanted to be or not. 

As for me, I loved the change. I still do in-person training, but making online options available for people allowed personal trainers to help a wider number of clients who otherwise would never have hired us. People got stronger, people lost weight, and people made their lives better.

But there are a ton of misconceptions about online training and how it works. Some people imagine that an online trainer is going to solve all of your problems. That somehow they’ll have every answer ready, and that you’ll never make a mistake again.

The first consideration you should make is how much personal experience you’ve got in a gym. It’s hard for you to prop up your phone and show your online trainer exactly what your form looks like. That means you could be doing the movements wrong and risking injury. If you have limited experience in the gym, an online trainer is not a good idea. Start with an in-person guide first and then move to online once you’ve got the fundamentals.

Listen, an online trainer is great in a lot of ways. I’ll explain those in a minute. But first we need to talk about the bad online trainers who will take your money and give you nothing.

Some online trainers have zero pedigree, just a lot of broscience they’ve learned online. A real trainer has their own trainer and can show you exactly where their methods come from. There should be a flow from teacher to student, and it should all make sense in a unified package. If your online trainer can’t explain why they’re having you do something, they’re not a real trainer. They’re just a dude with a PayPal account.

As for courses and books, save your money. The future is an app, not a PDF for $47 on Gumroad. Those guys have no understanding of nutrition or injuries. An ebook doesn’t cut it anymore. Just because they’re fit doesn’t mean they can help you get fit without hurting yourself. And just because someone can deadlift 500 pounds does not make them a qualified personal trainer.

Contrast that with an actual qualified personal trainer like myself. I offer custom-tailored programs developed around sound fitness principles taught to me by my own trainers over the years. These are based on scientific research and informed by studies about rehabilitation. I not only know how to stop you from getting hurt, but if you’re already hurt, I can help you work around that and strengthen your injured area so you increase functionality.

Can your dudebros do that? No. They can teach you to lift heavy things, but that’s not training. And it doesn’t protect and strengthen your entire body.

As for online training, I offer low-cost programs via my app. If you don’t want to meet in person, we can do everything digitally. The app includes 4k videos for every exercise to show you the exact form you should use to stay safe and maximize your benefits. 

I work with a lot of clients who’ve already tried the online broscience coaches. Especially younger guys in their twenties and thirties who don’t know any better. You know what I usually hear after the very first session?

  • “That movement feels so much better.” 
  • “Why didn’t that hurt my injured shoulder?”
  • “You’re the first person to tell me about this.”

It’s hard to explain the difference between a good and bad trainer in just one article. But when you experience it, you feel the difference. A quality trainer changes everything about the workout and how your body feels both during and afterward.

Let’s talk about how to look at an online trainer’s website and social media to vet them. Great client pictures is not it. Neither are success stories from supposed clients. Images that show a guy going from sixty pounds overweight to ripped — you can purchase those.

Did you know that? Here’s a place to order fake transformation photos:

You want real social proof from real people with real accounts. That means testimonials on social media that link back to the client’s account. That’s the bare minimum of proof.

Your trainer also needs a current bio about themselves. That should include an About section that explains why they’re qualified to teach health and fitness. “I played football in high school,” is disqualifying. So is any picture captioned, “Dude look at my results.”

You also want to stay away from people who take harsh political stances. The fake broscience trainers are often spewing negativity about masks, vaccines, etc. Whether or not you agree with those things is irrelevant because your customer base might follow them, and as a professional every trainer needs to be ready to accommodate their customer’s needs and concerns.

The same is true of negativity toward other choices. Hating on specific nutrition strategies and telling you only theirs works is a red flag (goes for carnivore and vegan alike). Trainers always have preferences, sure, but treating other people like crap for not agreeing shows they’re an amateur, not a professional.

Check out their social media. Pictures showing themselves partying and making decisions that go against good health is another red flag. That includes chugging beer, getting wild with strange girls, and gulping down nachos. If they believe in fitness then they should be living it. Don’t hire someone who believes what they teach is pointless. 

Good trainers are usually willing to offer you collateral — like a short six-week program or access to ask past clients questions. Their programs prove themselves, they don’t need to sucker you into a yearlong contract or hide their real clients from you. 

There needs to be absolute honesty. For example, I tell people I’m on TRT, I tell them they need a 1:1 in-person trainer before working with me online, and I tell people that I will work with guys to get their steroids right while they train. I keep no secrets because I walk the walk. Is my exact approach going to be the same as yours? No. But you’ll know where I’m coming from and why I make the choices I do.

If you’ve made the decision to hire an online trainer, let’s talk about how that works.

If you’re just starting out, you need an in-person trainer for at least one month first, with a minimum two sessions per week. Eight sessions to build a basic understanding. That makes sure you have a healthy foundation and can stay safe during workouts.

The closest I offer remote clients is having you record yourself as you workout doing each set, then we meet on Zoom and review the footage together, I tell you what to adjust, and you reshoot yourself doing the rep until you get it right. It’s not as effective as an in-person session, but it gets the job done.

I work with bodybuilders and beginners alike. If you’re looking to break into fitness and start your lifelong journey, I’d be happy to meet you wherever you are. Contact me and let’s get you what you need.

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? | Best Personal Trainer in Dallas Fort Worth

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? | Best Personal Trainer in Dallas Fort Worth

The biggest question I get about personal training right now is, “Are you working with clients in person during the pandemic?” I’m happy to report the answer is YES! I’ve continued in-person training sessions to help people reach their full physical potential.

The second question is usually, “What does personal training look like?” Most people have never had a trainer before. People who’ve never done personal training usually want to get a picture of what it looks like for me to work with clients in person in the DFW area. And there are a lot of misconceptions about what personal training is and is not.

So let’s talk about what it’s like to work with a personal trainer. Why do you need someone standing there watching you work out?

The biggest reason is that in-person is the absolute best way for an experienced fitness coach with personal experience to show you the exact level and intensity you should aim for in every workout. If you’re not sure how far to move the machine, what correct lifting form will protect your joints, or how much weight to start each movement with, I can show you on the spot. Zero guessing and no more looking it up on your phone while people behind you wait for the machine.

“I would feel too self-conscious to workout with someone staring at me.” I get that. That’s exactly why I don’t just stand there and stare at you. I’m not your babysitter. I show you how to move your body to prevent injury and maximize resistance safely (and therefore gains), then I step back and let you go to work. I also don’t stare at my phone and tune you out. I’m there on your dime and I treat you with an appropriate level of attention and respect.

I’m watching your form. The way you move each body part. Checking out how your joints move with the motion. Not just staring at you to make sure you do your reps. Like I said, I’m not babysitting you.

And I workout with you. I maximize time under tension. That means we take turns, and you get to watch me in action. That’s not so I can brag about my huge muscles. I want to show you the correct motion. Just like I watch your form, you watch mine.

I won’t talk your ear off about my pets at home, either. Most personal trainers talk too much. They’re trying to fill the silence. With me, I workout and then swap with you. “Boom. You’re up.” When we’re doing our reps, we’re doing our reps. I want you focused, not thinking about my cat.

Having an in-person trainer you meet up with creates a healthy accountability. I’m not gonna scream at you over the phone if you cancel, but knowing that you’re paying me to be there and then swapping out with me on the machines means you won’t waste your time or come up with excuses why you can’t do it. One of the hardest parts of beginning fitness is making yourself stick to a routine, and hiring a personal trainer makes it just uncomfortable enough to quit that you’ll push through the initial resistance and build a routine. 

If you’re worried about judgment, let me put your mind at ease. I never lecture. And I don’t yell. You won’t disappoint me. I’m not your boss or your dad. We’re just working out together. 

Have you heard that phrase, “You’re the average of the top five people you spend time with”? This principle applies to working out, too. You become like those who you work out with. If you see my pictures and like how I look, and you want to look like this, too, you can. Let’s work out together.

Now comes the big question. Is it worth it? The price depends on the number of sessions in a week. You want to workout four days a week? That costs $240 per week. Maybe you just want training once a week. That’s $80. I also provide discounts for more sessions. Five days a week? $250 per week. It scales with your needs and rewards people who push themselves.

Listen, I know I’m not cheap. But you’re not going to get six-pack abs for six-pack beer prices. You’re investing in the rest of your life. Add up your entertainment and restaurant budget for the past six months and you’ll be surprised how affordable personal training is by comparison. And you’ll save a fortune by staying healthy and preventing costly medical issues or medications down the road.

What about your romantic life? And your professional life? Is it worth it to look your best? Do you want people taking you seriously? You gain more respect from the opposite sex and from your own. You look powerful. And that has financial benefits for your career or your business. Research shows that an extra thirty pounds of fat correlates to a 30 percent lower income.

A personal trainer is more than a hulked-out bro who tells you what to do. Broscience is great but has you stack too much weight on the bar. You need the first year to understand your body mechanics, and it takes someone outside looking in to point out the way you move and how you should lift so you can get what you want out of those movements.

The truth is that apart from the scaling fees there is NO disadvantage to hiring a competent personal trainer. Competent is the key word. The #1 way to vet your choice of trainer is to watch what they do. Are they overweight, eating fast food, or playing on their phone? If they do those three things then nope, they’re not for you.

As for me, there’s a reason I’ve been voted best personal trainer in the DFW area. If you’re gonna spend your money anyway, spend it on a lifetime investment that will keep you alive and feeling good longer than anything else you could purchase.

Hire me today and let’s get started building the body you’ve always wanted.

What Training Program Should I Do? | Best Weightlifting App to Track Workouts for Beginners

What Training Program Should I Do? | Best Weightlifting App to Track Workouts for Beginners

“How do I lift weights?”

It sounds like a silly question. You just pick up a heavy object, hoist it, and repeat, right?

But it’s not a silly question at all. There are so many options that it gets overwhelming for people looking to break into weightlifting. What machine do you use? Do you need a machine? Are free weights better?

Your buddies have all got their own opinions. “My setup is better than the other one because blah blah blah.” They might ask what you want to achieve, and when you say you want to get stronger, they’ll give you some exercise to start. But why? Is that the best one for you?

So you look for more educated help. Google, YouTube, and gyms all offer ideas for what fitness program you should do. But where do you jump in? How do you know they’re giving you what you need?

This is my job. I help clients who have never lifted a weight before in their life. I also help pros who’ve been at this for a decade or more. But if you’re just beginning, you need someone who guides you through every fact you need to know. And you need to understand what’s going to help you get your goals met as quickly and safely as possible.

That’s why my personal coaching always starts with a detailed interview. We discuss your nutrition, exercise, and health goals. We take a non-judgmental look at where your body is now so we know what you need to do to get stronger for your whole life. It’s a fully customized program built around your needs and goals.

One useful tool for this process is my custom fitness app. I’ve included five new fitness programs on my app that help beginners get used to lifting, start building muscle, and establish a sustainable routine that won’t burn you out and make you want to quit after a week. 

Once you’re ready to step up your workouts, my app will progress with you. I’ve loaded about forty programs inside my app subscription, which is also self-serve. You can get that app even if you aren’t ready to start personal training with me. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I’m ready to meet you there. It’s all about you.

The app is easy to use and cuts through all the beginner confusion. I’ve worked hard to make sure anyone can pick up this system at any level and figure out exactly what they need.

But let’s say you’re still struggling. You see the range of programs and aren’t sure what’s going to get the job done. Which one should you pick?

Just ask me.

No, seriously. Even if we aren’t working together on training, you can just ask. If you reach out to me and don’t know what to do, ask me.

I’ll probably ask if you’ve ever trained before. I need to know where you’re at in your learning. If not, then I’ll encourage you to try twelve weeks of online training with me so you can understand your nutrition and exercise and figure out your personal biology. Three months to set you up for the rest of your life.

If weight loss is your goal, I’ll build you a routine that will help accomplish that. Nothing worse than pouring time, money, and sweat into an exercise program that loses muscle, puts on weight, and leaves you hurt. A lot of workouts can do that to you. Get with me for twelve weeks and learn everything you need to know.

After those twelve weeks, you can jump back into the app on your own. I won’t hold your hand if you’re looking to push yourself solo. And the app has all the tools you need to make your journey work for you. You’ve got twelve weeks of training that gives you the fundamentals you’ll need to achieve success even if you never speak to me again. Your life will be permanently better with that knowledge.

So a year goes by, you’ve learned the basics, and you’re working your own routine. You’re feeling much stronger and leaner. But you hit a plateau. Which program should you do next? Get back with me and let’s talk about what you need. We can look at the data you’ve tracked in the app and see your entire progress from the beginning. We find your next step together. Then you’re off and running again.

I’m here when you need me, but I’m not harassing you at home to get back into training. And I’m not milking you for endless trainer fees you don’t need.

That’s one major problem I’ve seen with other trainers. They don’t leave you alone because their goal is to make money, not to help you achieve your goals. If you get too healthy you won’t need them. So they don’t go all out and give you the tools you need to make it work on your own. And if you ask them to step back and give you some time to do your own thing, they can be real jerks. “Good luck meeting your goals without me.” It’s horrible.

Online coaches or whatever other program out there can leave you discouraged, furthering shame and self-disappointment. You’ll feel like a failure. A fat failure. And you don’t need that.

I will never do that to you. I’m here for what you need. I step back when you’ve got it. My app can help you achieve a lifetime of fitness without needing someone to hold your hand. And there’s no guilt at any time. It’s 100 percent about what you need.

Ready to take the first step to a lifetime of fitness? Download my app and get started. The rest of your life will be so much better.

Is a Fitness Accountability Coach Just for Women? | How Fitness Apps for Men Track Workouts

Is a Fitness Accountability Coach Just for Women? | How Fitness Apps for Men Track Workouts

Are fitness support groups just for women? It’s a fair question, but it’s built on a flawed premise. The assumption here is that only women can help each other. That it’s wrong for men to work together.

Is it shameful for men to encourage each other? To band together under mutual goals and push each other to achieve? Is every man an island, or are brothers a crucial part of every man’s success?

I say that brotherhood is an inseparable part of manhood. Men supporting men and driving each other through competition and cooperation has been with us since the dawn of time. Yes, there are individual sports, but there are team sports too. Is soccer less of a sport than pole vaulting because the men work together to accomplish their goals?

That’s why I have a fitness app with a curated community. It’s not some random tacked-on gimmick. I encourage my clients to connect with other men working to hit the same targets.

First of all, you get me as your personal trainer. I walk with you every step of your journey and help you get where you want to be. Are your muscles going to be any less real because I helped you achieve them? No, they’re going to be even bigger than if you built them all alone! And I can help you get the body you want much faster than you can figure it out. Working with me is a life hack, not a failure.

Hiring a personal trainer is like having an older brother helping you along, someone who has been there and done that. And I help keep you guilt-free. I don’t take away everything that makes your life enjoyable. It’s OK to enjoy that dessert and eat that cake. One treat is not going to make you fat. And it’s OK to get back right on the horse the next day. I’ll help you stick to what you want so you don’t give up after one imperfect meal.

So many guys are discouraged when they eat one bad meal, or when they plateau with their workout. If you’re all alone you won’t know what to do. You may give up and backslide into a flabby dadbod. Then you’ll get depressed and try it all again in another year. But that’s one year older and one more year with stress on your heart.

You don’t want that. That’s not who you are. That’s why you want to be with other men who are on the same journey. Guys who are getting results just like you. Brothers who know exactly what you’re going through and can tell you what you need to hear to get back on the path and keep going.

It’s not about one month or even one year. Lifetime health takes accountability and support. If you knew what to do to keep your body at its peak for the next fifty years, you wouldn’t be reading this article. You know you can’t do this all alone in the long run. There’s a lot going on in your life already. Fitness is hard when you have to expend mental energy figuring these things out.

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself. It’s my actual job to help you. That is my profession. And these other guys in the community, they’ll help you because it makes them feel damn good to pass on what they’ve learned. They also know you’ll have their back the next time they slip and want to give up. You can help them out as much as they help you.

Having male friends isn’t like having female friends. We don’t cuddle each other when we’re sad and promise everything will be okay. We tell the hard truths and we share solutions. We show you how to pick yourself up and get the job done. Guys who care about you will help you decide who you’re not going to be anymore. And they’ll show you how to be the man you’re meant to be.

Is this community just for existing bodybuilders with 10 percent bodyfat and a 400 pound deadlift? Not at all. Guys come in who’ve never lifted a weight before in their lives. They have to ask how to load the weights onto the machine. And the community doesn’t laugh at them. We’re all thrilled to have them. Because it means more men are taking charge of their lives and their health. When one man gets stronger, we all win.

Look around you. Most men are conflict-averse, lack self-discipline, and don’t do anything uncomfortable. They whine if their life gets interrupted. “I need AC and Netflix.” Sounds like a teenage girl on her period.

Lack of discipline brings shame. Your fitness and your figure reflect how you feel on the inside. Your physicality is an expression of your mentality. Who you are is expressed in your body, and that may make you feel like crap. You might be ashamed right now but don’t know how to get better.

That’s why you need a community of men on the same journey. We help cure your shame so you can develop discipline. It’s not about giving up and getting help. Joining this community is the opposite of giving up. You’re joining a group of men who won’t take no for an answer, who aren’t ever going back to the way they were, and who won’t stop until they’re jacked and healthy. And as hard as they drive themselves, they’ll push you to do the same. And you’ll want to keep up with your friends. You’ll run harder, lift stronger, and eat better because it’s who you want to be.

That’s the power of a masculine community. They make you want to be better. And when you get better, you become a role model for the next new guy who walks in not knowing what to do. You help him with everything you learned. And that adds a whole new meaning to your fitness journey. It’s not just good for you anymore. You’re helping people while getting fit.

Brotherhood is not for chicks. It’s for men serious about their goals. If that’s you, download the app and join the community.

Are Fitness Apps for Men Worth It? | How My Male Fitness App Works to Track Workouts

Are Fitness Apps for Men Worth It? | How My Male Fitness App Works to Track Workouts

There are a lot of fitness apps out there. Most of them suck.

Why? Because they’re built by people who don’t understand fitness. And the content is made by celebrity bodybuilders or obsessive lifters who got lucky and who don’t know how to create a customizable program that works for each user.

That’s a problem. And you know I fix problems. So I made an app that actually works.

Introducing the Phil Foster Fitness App, designed for everyone from beginner to pro. It tracks 100 percent of the metrics you need. That helps you keep track of weight loss and strength gains. You can document your fitness journey and see exactly what your hard work is producing.

Beginners will love the visual guidance. Every single exercise includes a 4K video demonstration with detailed instructions so you know you’re doing it correctly. No more wearing out joints from improper technique based on some crappy picture. I take no chances when it comes to training and doing your fitness right.

I also include exact numbers of weight that I suggest for every exercise. No more guessing. I design and describe every exercise down to the smallest detail so you never have to feel lost again.

And it’s more than just an app. When you sign up to work with me, this app creates an incredible personal training experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We can train around injuries. I can prescribe the exact weights, sets, and reps for you. And we can target specific programs to get you the exact results you’re looking for.

A lot of online coaches use apps but don’t include metrics. I want to see where you are and what’s working so you can gain the muscle you want to gain and lose the fat you want. And you can track it all and prove that you’re getting your money’s worth. Your experience is spelled out in hard numbers right there at your fingertips.

When you train with me and use my app, you’ll never walk into the gym and struggle to remember what your personal trainer suggested you do. The app has online training and twelve-week guided programs like deadlift, a mass phase to put size on, and a shred program to lose weight. Everything is spelled out in detail and the app keeps perfect track of where you are in the program. Just push play and start working out.

This app keeps the power in your hands. You select the days of the week when you work out. You send me feedback on how things are going. And I work for you to help your tracked numbers increase the way you want them to. We can use the app to recalibrate where you’re at so you can build up towards your goals.

And the Phil Foster Fitness experience goes beyond you and me. You also get access to a community of other people holding you accountable and sharing their experience. It’s easy to get frustrated when it’s just you alone with the machines. But if you’ve got a thriving community encouraging each other toward your goals, you can accomplish anything.

Think we stop there? Hell no. I also do 1:1 nutrition coaching. We can build a macro-based diet plan just for you. Get your fitness rocking both inside and outside of the gym. And the nutrition is calibrated for your specific concerns. For example, I have a vegan client I’m helping get even more protein and even fewer carbs. I also have Paleo and low-carb clients. But I’m not going to tell people to stay away from carbs entirely. I’ve found carnivore to be a non-optimal nutrition strategy. Then again, if that’s what you truly want, I can help you optimize your eating plans. It’s all about you.

Training with me starts fast and speeds up from there. In your first four weeks of any twelve-week plan, we will have you push yourself and track your weight and nutrition closely to see if you lose weight or gain weight based on how much you typically eat. Once we see how your body reacts to that, we adjust your intake. No more playing around and taking it slow. We look for fast results while maintaining sustainability so you keep the weight off. 

Other personal trainers see you for a few workouts in the gym and then check out on you while still collecting your fees. Not me. Using the app gives you a lot of face time with me personally. I am Johnny on the spot, answering your questions when you need answers fast. I walk with you personally through your entire journey until you’ve got the body you’ve always dreamed of.

We gather SO much data from using the app (in a good way)! Your number tracking helps create data-backed nutrition and exercise plans so it works exactly as needed. No more arbitrary rules just because some trainer or dietician says their one plan works fine for everyone else. This is about customizing your fitness to your goals and needs.

Not looking for personal coaching yet? No problem. I also have a retail store on my website where you can subscribe to the app for the year. It’s still gonna be the most useful fitness app you’ve ever seen. And after you see the customized workout plans I can build and deliver to you on the fly, I know you’ll want to go hands-on for targeted training in your personal goals.

But I know not everyone is ready to jump into the full personal training experience right away. That’s why the app also has a DIY option. That’s right, you get all the twelve-week programs. You can pick and choose as you please and start your journey on your own if that’s what you want. Or you and your friends can pick up the app and work on the same detailed programs together. You can even track your stats together and show off bragging rights.

I’m also not here to milk you for training you don’t need. Most clients start off with personal coaching, then as they get closer to their goals they transition to the subscription so they get targeted help with exactly what their body needs. No pressure, no abandonment. All the help you need when you need it without any personal trainer calling you and hounding you.

If you’re ready to harness the power of technology to take your fitness to the next level, pick up my app right here. It’s time to get serious about your body.

Supplements to Build Muscle without Burning Out

Supplements to Build Muscle without Burning Out

You want to build muscle fast without burning out at the gym or pulling a muscle.

I know, because that’s the worst-case scenario for most guys. You’re approaching your deadlift record, you’re about to bust through… and then you get hurt. Devastating. You spend the whole recovery time thinking about how close you got and how much work it’s going to take to reach where you were.

Anyone who’s ever had this happen wants to make sure it never happens again. And if it hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t let it.

That’s exactly why I tell my clients to take casein and creatine. Using the two compounds in combo creates a one-two killer punch for building muscle fast and keeping you safe from injury.

Let’s talk about each one and how they can transform your workout routine.


Too many guys roll straight out of bed and hit the gym on an empty stomach.

I get it, you don’t want to feel heavy or puke while lifting. But let me tell you something. If you get up and go workout without eating something, your body will burn something. Like amino acids. Or muscle tissue. It needs fuel, and if you don’t fill the tank you aren’t gonna like where that fuel comes. You’ll be working out just to kill your own muscle gain.

Casein solves that problem. Because casein takes eight hours to digest, you can drink it before bed. That way it’s still circulating in your system when you get up and work out in the morning. You get the benefits of refueling without feeling sluggish from eating.

I myself supplemented with casein at night when I got down to 7% body fat. It was a game changer because it meant my body got exactly what it needed when it needed it without sacrificing performance. If it worked for me at 7% bodyfat, it can work for you.

Also, when does your body repair itself and build muscle? While you’re sleeping! Drinking casein at bedtime is like an amino acid IV drip, or at least the next best thing. Your body can utilize it when it’s most useful: while you’re healing.

And casein puts you to sleep without any nasty side effects. The nootropics help you calm down without knocking you out. You get mellowed out and feel calm. No grogginess. So if sleep has been an issue, this can help.

No surprise, then, that I sell Casein Protein. My product is called Get Ripped Sleep Great. Our slow-digesting casein powder blends whey protein with nootropics so you maximize gains in the gym and get a good night’s sleep every night. That extra sleep means better healing, more energy, and a calmer brain all day.

Because it comes from me, you know it’s made of quality ingredients instead of processed crap. That includes 25g of protein, BCAs (branch chain amino acids), an enzyme blend to help you digest it easily, and melatonin.


There are a ton of misconceptions about creatine.

First of all, no, creatine is not a steroid. I get that question a lot from guys who hear about the positive effects and assume it must be. To address the second most common question, no, it doesn’t give you kidney stones, though I do recommend you drink plenty of water just in case you’re prone to those.

If it’s not a steroid, then how does it work? Creatine increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is how your body stores and transports energy. That means it makes your body more efficient in getting fuel where it needs to be. That optimization assists muscle tissue growth and brain tissue regeneration, supports brain function, and repairs muscles faster.

Faster gains, faster repairs, and a sharper brain. Sound like the benefits you want from a supplement? That’s why so many bodybuilders use it. And they use it so religiously that people assume it’s some kind of steroid. But it just optimizes your body’s natural processes.

And yes, I also sell a Creatine supplement. That’s because there’s so many on the market now that it’s impossible to tell what’s quality and what’s trash. So I created a blend to my own specifications that cuts out the garbage and gives your body exactly what it needs. And it doesn’t clump up and get nasty when you mix it. No granules, no grit. It just disappears like powdered sugar in water. And it’s 100% protein.

The Combo

Creatine works with casein by allowing you to recover more quickly while building a ton of new muscle. You’ll sleep better, recover faster, feel more awake and motivated, and your body will operate at peak performance. That impact makes these two a power combo, and it’s the #1 reason to supplement with both casein and creatine instead of just taking one or the other.

Besides, they’re scientifically designed to go together. Creatine molecules are small enough to go inside the casein molecules’ tubules so they are absorbed by the small intestine. When you supplement both together, you absorb more creatine in the long run because your stomach enzymes are not breaking them all down individually. Even their chemical design is perfect for combining.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying casein and/or creatine, give both a try together. The impact is huge. And if the million different brands make you wonder which to try, you can trust my own blend. I use it myself and designed it to give you what you need without any garbage. Just pure, clean fuel. Try a container today and experience the power for yourself.