How Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Boosts Your T without HCG Side Effects in Males

When I say men should consider boosting their T with injections, most people figure there’s just one standard approach to testosterone boosting injections. In fact there are two kinds of testosterone therapy, and each gives you a different angle on the problem. Let’s talk about each one and which might be best for you.

First off, there are the standard TRT injections everyone thinks of. TRT therapy is usually an intramuscular injection. You get these every two to four weeks. Milligram for milligram, it’s the way to go. You get the dose you need from a reliable treatment that targets the exact numbers you’re looking for in a T score.

When you get these shots, you ramp up fast. You walk in feeling tired and wake up the next day like a stallion. It’s like someone grabbed your energy dial and cranked it so hard they broke the knob and you’re stuck in overdrive. There’s just nothing else that compares.

As a side note, my wife does her testosterone subcutaneously. Yes, women can need testosterone, too. That’s interesting to most people because they imagine T is just a guy thing. But the male hormone helps women get hormonally balanced. And the more T they have, the more eager they are to drag you to bed, too.

The second treatment is human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) boosts, which can lift your T score anywhere from 200 to 400 points higher. This is a subcutaneous injection in the abdomen two to three times a week. It boosts your T at a lower rate and has a range of effects besides pure testosterone.

If you’re curious about hCG, do some research. It’s sometimes called the pregnancy hormone because it shows up in women when they’re pregnant. Most pregnancy tests actually recognize pregnancy by scanning for this hormone. When you do your research, what you’re mostly going to find are articles saying the FDA has specifically banned hCG being advertised in weight loss pills. That’s because a bunch of desperate people started pounding those pills without thinking about the consequences of hormone changes.

But if you look up the keyword “hCG infertility,” you’ll see that it’s still approved for use in both male and female infertility treatments. It’s even used to reverse the harmful effects of steroids where the testes have shrunk. As long as you’re using it safely, it’s a miracle hormone. It can actually bring infertile men back to health and help them conceive a child where they couldn’t before.

You’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between TRT and hCG? Turns out it’s huge. Each type gives you specific benefits, and some people even do both.

When you start to use testosterone shots, doctors will say you’re “putting your testes to sleep.” You tell them they don’t need to work anymore because you’ve got plenty of testosterone already. So they compensate by making less and less testosterone. That’s just your body’s natural balancing act.

But hCG keeps those testes awake. In fact, it ramps them up. And hCG can actually increase your testes’ size and your ejaculate volume. You become a fire hose . . . so to speak. Makes sense why male porn stars use it before filming. I’ll stop there.

Because they’ve got the opposite effect on your testes and still both boost testosterone, men on TRT who want to have children later on also take hCG so they remain fertile. It keeps those testes powered up like nuclear reactors. At the same time, you’re benefiting from serious testosterone boosts from the TRT.

If you’re a younger guy, and you want children, talk to your doctor. You’ve got options and you need to explore them before you make a decision. The truth is that TRT can reduce your fertility with long-term use. If you’re twenty years old with low T but want to have kids in ten years, you’ll need to make some decisions. And hCG gives you stronger options because you may not need to worry about protecting your fertility at the cost of losing T.

As for older gentlemen, the choice is an easy one. I have been on TRT awhile, and I’m not too concerned about having more kids. But I do cycle on and off with hCG. I like the side effects, and supplementing my overall T score works great.

Nothing is guaranteed. The best thing we can do is talk about what you want, where you’re at, how you want your future to look, etc. So get scheduled with me for your hormonal consultation. We can talk about which treatment model works best for you and what your long-term plans are. That way you get an educated approach that works for your whole life.

If you’ve got concerns about your health, I’d be happy to hear them. Just like you might not have known about the two different types of injections, there are other pieces you might be missing, too. Do you trust your doctor to take the time and give you every option? They barely have time to hear your symptoms before writing a prescription and telling you to come back in a month to see if it did anything. And it doesn’t matter to them if you get better or lose your fertility.

When you make a life changing decision like this, hire someone who’s going to do the job right. In fact, hire a man who’s been in your shoes. I know these options because I’ve lived them. I’ve been right where you are, wondering if I should get injections and what might happen to my body if I do.

There are answers. I can help you find them. Quit waiting and schedule today. Let’s get you the information you need so you can start thinking about solutions instead of wishing you were living a good life.