The nutrition, training & accountability you need to take your physique to the next level.

You need help to break through your training plateaus.


1. DB or BB Bench Press - 60% of your bodyweight x 15 reps
2. Back Squat - 60% of your bodyweight x 12 reps
3. DB or BB Overhead Press - 50% of your bodyweight x 12 reps
4. Wide Grip Strict Pull Up - bodyweight x 12 reps

Note: Do not attempt this if you are not used to these lifts/weights. If you are used to these weights, still make sure you warm up sufficiently beforehand.
I know how it is. Lots of guys have gone to the gym for years, but you'd never know it with their shirts on, and they're not too eager to take their shirts off and show the goods.

Other guys have great physiques by other men's standards, but they know they're capable of so much more.

That's where a master bodybuilding trainer comes in. He can point out what's keeping you stuck, show you how to break through plateaus and coach you and give you the inspiration and accountability to achieve the transformation you know you're capable of.
Join other intermediate trainees who are breaking through plateaus and achieving their dream physiques in 2021.

Build a new man.

Get Your Diet & Training Expertly Tuned

If you can perform the workout above, you know quite a bit about training. You’ve learned a lot, and had some great teachers. 

What you need now, is an expert to identify what’s keeping you plateaued and give you expert guidance to take your physique to the next level.

Get the Accountability You Need

Are you great at doing most things in training, but make excuses when it comes to following your nutrition plan or some other critical activity? Most guys have a major need for accountability in some area in order to break out of their training plateau.

They have no one to report to. No consequences. No one to both sympathize with and fix the issues, but also tell them to STFU with the excuses and just work the program.

Guys say I’m like the father they wished they had – sympathetic at the right times, STFU and just do it at other times. If you need accountability, you’ve come to the right place.

Join a Brotherhood

Don’t have a group of men to support and be supported by in pursuit of your fitness goals? Stop going it alone, and join other men on the same path to better health and fitness.


Share your goals, your gains, your challenges. Give support and receive it. Experience the powerful bonds that get forged when men push each other toward higher physical achievement.

Hi, I'm Phil Foster CPT, CN, SET, SSC, SB, SCE


A few things about me

“I believe in my fellow man. I want every man to transform into the fullest expression of man he was meant to become.”

– Phil Foster

How it Works


Sign up below and we’ll get on Zoom and walk through your goals and how we’ll get you there. You’ll get access to the accountability portal, the private men’s group, the program and we’ll get started with your transformation.

2. Do the WORK

Over the next 12 weeks you will grow into the application of all the general principles and start hitting all the specific targets prescribed in your training program. I don’t ask you to be perfect, but I do require high levels of accountability.


One day you’ll look in the mirror, and be shocked by your new physique. You’ll feel bewildered, excited and a renewed sense of dedication to press on. That magic moment is coming, brother. Get in the game, and let’s help you get there as  fast as possible.

Some Transformations

“Through Phil’s leadership, mentoring and precision programming, he peeled me down from a chubby 205 to a lean 181, then brought me back up, stacking on more muscle than I’ve ever had in my life.


When Phil speaks on training, nutrition or hormone optimization, I listen and follow his wisdom to the T.


His advice and wisdom are truly worth their weight in gold.”

- Cooper Jakes

Phil’s nutrition and training program took me from 26% body fat, to 17% body fat in 90 days (verified via DEXA scan). I’m 59 and have a lot of broken body parts. He took that into account and customized an incredible plan.


My points:

1. The plan shows results.
2. Age and injuries are taken into account.

3. If you’re looking for a real transformation, Phil is the guy.

- Tex

“It would not be an overstatement to say that Phil Foster Fitness helped save my life.


It wasn’t until I accepted that I needed help and found it through his training, hormone counseling, and nutrition plans that I was finally able to commit to eating right, getting sober, and sticking to a training regimen long-term.


The results speak for themselves.”

- Zac Small

Start Training Today

"I know what you want brother. I've been there. We both know you're capable of so much more, and this has been a long time coming. If you're ready for the dramatic physical transformation you've been craving, get in the game and let's make this happen. With myself and the whole community backing you, you WILL succeed."

Phil Foster CPT, CN, SET, SSC, SB, SCE

Intermediate Nutrition & Exercise Coaching

Take your physique to the next level

3 Months That Will Change Your Life

Expertly programmed resistance training routines

  • Enhance your strength & muscular development
  • Break through plateaus
  • Get the accountability you need

Simple cardio conditioning, built right into your workouts, that will accelerate your transformation.

The core principles and specific goals you need to transform your physique

  • Prioritized nutrition principles
  • Specific daily macro goals
  • Sample meal plans
  • Meal prep guides

Get a prioritized routine (of supplements that actually work) to help you achieve your goals.

Get the help you need to ensure you succeed on your fitness journey.

  • Initial Onboarding Zoom Call
  • Regular Followup Zoom Calls
  • Email Support

Private Men’s Chat Group

  • Interact with a brotherhood of men who are on the same path toward better fitness.
  • Support each other and celebrate successes together.
  • Forge bonds that will last a lifetime.

Price $1,597.00 One-Time or $569.00 Per Month

Note: Do not purchase this training package if you can not perform the lifts/weights listed at the top of this page.


What It Is & Who It's For

This is 12 Weeks of expertly programmed resistance and cardio training + expert nutrition programming & supplementation for men who want to take their already good strength and physique to the next level.


Includes one-on-one zoom coaching & group support.


Run personally by me, Master Trainer Phil Foster, not some 20 year old who just got a certificate.

This is for you if you can complete the lifts/weights mentioned at the top of this page, and thus qualify as an Intermediate trainee.


Can you handle it? Yes. If there’s anything in the program you can’t quite do in the beginning, you will just do what you can and work up to it as you progress.

Commitments of Time & Accountability

If you want a rapid transformation, you’ve got to hit it 5-6 days per week.

5 Days per week is good.

6 days per week makes the transformation happen faster. Your choice.

Won’t I “overtrain” doing that? No, you’re probably severely undertraining right now, and you have no idea what you’re capable of.

It takes until it’s done, which is usually no more than 90 minutes.

If you need to trim that down to 60 minutes per session, you can drop two of the movements in the workout.

Accountability is the major missing link for most people.
That’s why you’ll be expected to send in a few key items every day (even on non-workout days), such as:
  • Weekly scale photo posted to slack
  • Weekly body photo posted to slack
  • Daily diet log screenshot posted to slack
Group sharing is not required, but I highly encourage you to share with the group for the success of your program.


Access to Slack on a computer or phone. Slack is free. A link to join the group will be provided.


Body scale, food scale, pinch test calipers, etc. Links will be provided.


MyFitnessPal Premium – $9.99 monthly or $49.99 per year.


Gym membership.