Is a Fitness Accountability Coach Just for Women? | How Fitness Apps for Men Track Workouts

Are fitness support groups just for women? It’s a fair question, but it’s built on a flawed premise. The assumption here is that only women can help each other. That it’s wrong for men to work together.

Is it shameful for men to encourage each other? To band together under mutual goals and push each other to achieve? Is every man an island, or are brothers a crucial part of every man’s success?

I say that brotherhood is an inseparable part of manhood. Men supporting men and driving each other through competition and cooperation has been with us since the dawn of time. Yes, there are individual sports, but there are team sports too. Is soccer less of a sport than pole vaulting because the men work together to accomplish their goals?

That’s why I have a fitness app with a curated community. It’s not some random tacked-on gimmick. I encourage my clients to connect with other men working to hit the same targets.

First of all, you get me as your personal trainer. I walk with you every step of your journey and help you get where you want to be. Are your muscles going to be any less real because I helped you achieve them? No, they’re going to be even bigger than if you built them all alone! And I can help you get the body you want much faster than you can figure it out. Working with me is a life hack, not a failure.

Hiring a personal trainer is like having an older brother helping you along, someone who has been there and done that. And I help keep you guilt-free. I don’t take away everything that makes your life enjoyable. It’s OK to enjoy that dessert and eat that cake. One treat is not going to make you fat. And it’s OK to get back right on the horse the next day. I’ll help you stick to what you want so you don’t give up after one imperfect meal.

So many guys are discouraged when they eat one bad meal, or when they plateau with their workout. If you’re all alone you won’t know what to do. You may give up and backslide into a flabby dadbod. Then you’ll get depressed and try it all again in another year. But that’s one year older and one more year with stress on your heart.

You don’t want that. That’s not who you are. That’s why you want to be with other men who are on the same journey. Guys who are getting results just like you. Brothers who know exactly what you’re going through and can tell you what you need to hear to get back on the path and keep going.

It’s not about one month or even one year. Lifetime health takes accountability and support. If you knew what to do to keep your body at its peak for the next fifty years, you wouldn’t be reading this article. You know you can’t do this all alone in the long run. There’s a lot going on in your life already. Fitness is hard when you have to expend mental energy figuring these things out.

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself. It’s my actual job to help you. That is my profession. And these other guys in the community, they’ll help you because it makes them feel damn good to pass on what they’ve learned. They also know you’ll have their back the next time they slip and want to give up. You can help them out as much as they help you.

Having male friends isn’t like having female friends. We don’t cuddle each other when we’re sad and promise everything will be okay. We tell the hard truths and we share solutions. We show you how to pick yourself up and get the job done. Guys who care about you will help you decide who you’re not going to be anymore. And they’ll show you how to be the man you’re meant to be.

Is this community just for existing bodybuilders with 10 percent bodyfat and a 400 pound deadlift? Not at all. Guys come in who’ve never lifted a weight before in their lives. They have to ask how to load the weights onto the machine. And the community doesn’t laugh at them. We’re all thrilled to have them. Because it means more men are taking charge of their lives and their health. When one man gets stronger, we all win.

Look around you. Most men are conflict-averse, lack self-discipline, and don’t do anything uncomfortable. They whine if their life gets interrupted. “I need AC and Netflix.” Sounds like a teenage girl on her period.

Lack of discipline brings shame. Your fitness and your figure reflect how you feel on the inside. Your physicality is an expression of your mentality. Who you are is expressed in your body, and that may make you feel like crap. You might be ashamed right now but don’t know how to get better.

That’s why you need a community of men on the same journey. We help cure your shame so you can develop discipline. It’s not about giving up and getting help. Joining this community is the opposite of giving up. You’re joining a group of men who won’t take no for an answer, who aren’t ever going back to the way they were, and who won’t stop until they’re jacked and healthy. And as hard as they drive themselves, they’ll push you to do the same. And you’ll want to keep up with your friends. You’ll run harder, lift stronger, and eat better because it’s who you want to be.

That’s the power of a masculine community. They make you want to be better. And when you get better, you become a role model for the next new guy who walks in not knowing what to do. You help him with everything you learned. And that adds a whole new meaning to your fitness journey. It’s not just good for you anymore. You’re helping people while getting fit.

Brotherhood is not for chicks. It’s for men serious about their goals. If that’s you, download the app and join the community.