Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? | Best Personal Trainer in Dallas Fort Worth

The biggest question I get about personal training right now is, “Are you working with clients in person during the pandemic?” I’m happy to report the answer is YES! I’ve continued in-person training sessions to help people reach their full physical potential.

The second question is usually, “What does personal training look like?” Most people have never had a trainer before. People who’ve never done personal training usually want to get a picture of what it looks like for me to work with clients in person in the DFW area. And there are a lot of misconceptions about what personal training is and is not.

So let’s talk about what it’s like to work with a personal trainer. Why do you need someone standing there watching you work out?

The biggest reason is that in-person is the absolute best way for an experienced fitness coach with personal experience to show you the exact level and intensity you should aim for in every workout. If you’re not sure how far to move the machine, what correct lifting form will protect your joints, or how much weight to start each movement with, I can show you on the spot. Zero guessing and no more looking it up on your phone while people behind you wait for the machine.

“I would feel too self-conscious to workout with someone staring at me.” I get that. That’s exactly why I don’t just stand there and stare at you. I’m not your babysitter. I show you how to move your body to prevent injury and maximize resistance safely (and therefore gains), then I step back and let you go to work. I also don’t stare at my phone and tune you out. I’m there on your dime and I treat you with an appropriate level of attention and respect.

I’m watching your form. The way you move each body part. Checking out how your joints move with the motion. Not just staring at you to make sure you do your reps. Like I said, I’m not babysitting you.

And I workout with you. I maximize time under tension. That means we take turns, and you get to watch me in action. That’s not so I can brag about my huge muscles. I want to show you the correct motion. Just like I watch your form, you watch mine.

I won’t talk your ear off about my pets at home, either. Most personal trainers talk too much. They’re trying to fill the silence. With me, I workout and then swap with you. “Boom. You’re up.” When we’re doing our reps, we’re doing our reps. I want you focused, not thinking about my cat.

Having an in-person trainer you meet up with creates a healthy accountability. I’m not gonna scream at you over the phone if you cancel, but knowing that you’re paying me to be there and then swapping out with me on the machines means you won’t waste your time or come up with excuses why you can’t do it. One of the hardest parts of beginning fitness is making yourself stick to a routine, and hiring a personal trainer makes it just uncomfortable enough to quit that you’ll push through the initial resistance and build a routine. 

If you’re worried about judgment, let me put your mind at ease. I never lecture. And I don’t yell. You won’t disappoint me. I’m not your boss or your dad. We’re just working out together. 

Have you heard that phrase, “You’re the average of the top five people you spend time with”? This principle applies to working out, too. You become like those who you work out with. If you see my pictures and like how I look, and you want to look like this, too, you can. Let’s work out together.

Now comes the big question. Is it worth it? The price depends on the number of sessions in a week. You want to workout four days a week? That costs $240 per week. Maybe you just want training once a week. That’s $80. I also provide discounts for more sessions. Five days a week? $250 per week. It scales with your needs and rewards people who push themselves.

Listen, I know I’m not cheap. But you’re not going to get six-pack abs for six-pack beer prices. You’re investing in the rest of your life. Add up your entertainment and restaurant budget for the past six months and you’ll be surprised how affordable personal training is by comparison. And you’ll save a fortune by staying healthy and preventing costly medical issues or medications down the road.

What about your romantic life? And your professional life? Is it worth it to look your best? Do you want people taking you seriously? You gain more respect from the opposite sex and from your own. You look powerful. And that has financial benefits for your career or your business. Research shows that an extra thirty pounds of fat correlates to a 30 percent lower income.

A personal trainer is more than a hulked-out bro who tells you what to do. Broscience is great but has you stack too much weight on the bar. You need the first year to understand your body mechanics, and it takes someone outside looking in to point out the way you move and how you should lift so you can get what you want out of those movements.

The truth is that apart from the scaling fees there is NO disadvantage to hiring a competent personal trainer. Competent is the key word. The #1 way to vet your choice of trainer is to watch what they do. Are they overweight, eating fast food, or playing on their phone? If they do those three things then nope, they’re not for you.

As for me, there’s a reason I’ve been voted best personal trainer in the DFW area. If you’re gonna spend your money anyway, spend it on a lifetime investment that will keep you alive and feeling good longer than anything else you could purchase.

Hire me today and let’s get started building the body you’ve always wanted.