My Favorite Fat Burning Supplements for Men | Best Supplements for Weight Loss That Work

Do appetite suppressants work? In this article, Texas personal trainer Phil Foster tells the truth about fat burning supplements for men.

Every time I talk about appetite suppressants, I get the same response:

“Why the hell would men take appetite suppressants? Those are for chicks.”

I’m here to tell you that appetite suppressants may be your best friend if you’re looking to shed extra weight.

What’s your current weight loss plan? Some guys want to try a nutrition strategy. But look at what works for most people: nothing! There’s a new fad diet every day. If any of them worked, every overweight human on earth would start it and be fit within the year. 

Most guys start off on some new diet plan and expect it to work wonders. And you know what? If they stuck with it 100%, they probably would see some results. But who sticks with a diet 100%? And once you fall off that wagon, how easy is it to justify to yourself that you should take the rest of the day off from dieting and start again tomorrow? Or next week?

Most people trying to lose weight aren’t prepared to leverage extreme discipline. If they had that, they probably wouldn’t carry extra weight. No, we want convenience and ease. We want a drink, a pill. “Pills pay the bills” in this industry. Because they work, people keep buying them.

But the iron-clad truth to remember is this: The less you eat, the less you weigh. Appetite suppressants make you less hungry. The less hungry you are, the less you feel like eating. Problem solved!

Eat less, weigh less. That’s the exact point of appetite suppressants. It might be that the reason women use them more than men is because women aren’t stubbornly holding onto the idea that they need to discipline themselves through everything. They’re ready to take a helping hand more often than we men are. But I say, appetite suppressants can give men an edge to get the fat off and get them feeling better. Once you see initial results, then pride and discipline will follow.

Imagine a pill that gives you rapid weight loss. Not from a collection of drugs and chemicals, but natural ingredients that help your body work better. Why wouldn’t you take it?

A supplement can help. That’s why I designed a fat-burning supplement that simply suppresses your appetite. It’s all-natural and vegan. Made in the USA. No chemicals, no bull. And it might just be the answer to your struggle with weight.

I call this supplement CONTROLLED BURN. Because you’re leveraging the power of natural compounds and your body’s own systems to burn away the fat. It’s not magic, it’s not artificial, and it’s not harmful in the long term.

So what’s in my CONTROLLED BURN product? Here are the top six ingredients from my proprietary blend and what each ingredient does to the body. Note that these statements aren’t approved by the FDA, but the FDA releases medications that kill Americans every year with side effects. I’d rather stick with natural ingredients that have been used safely for thousands of years.

Acetyl l-carnitine hcl — Helps the body produce energy, which is crucial for both fighting fatigue and improving brain function. More natural energy production means more fat burn and less craving for food. It also helps people with high blood sugar manage cholesterol and nerve pain, which is helpful for anyone severely overweight and possibly diabetic.

Achyranthes aspera (whole plant) — A powerful anti-inflammatory that also reduces the impact of colds, asthma, and even bleeding. Also helps with nausea and the stomach, so you won’t feel sick from an empty belly while your appetite is suppressed.

Beta phenylethylamine hcl (PEA) — Stimulates the body to produce certain chemicals in your brain that may help fight depression. It’s a mild stimulant, which means more energy for your brain without the need for food binges that break your diet. And it boosts your mood to feel positive and enthusiastic.

Caffeine anhydrous — Made from the seeds and leaves of coffee plants. Anhydrous means “without water,” which makes this literally “caffeine without water.” This gives you a feeling of alertness and energy similar to coffee but without needing to drink half a pot to get the effect. 

Garcinia cambogia extract (fruit rind) — Blocks your body’s ability to create new fat and suppresses your appetite at the same time. It also raises your serotonin levels so you sleep better and feel better during the day.

Glucomannan (from Konjac root) — Water-soluble dietary fiber from the elephant yam. This treats constipation to keep you regulated even while you’re not eating. It also helps manage blood sugar issues so you don’t crash without food.

As I said, these natural ingredients have been used for thousands of years to manage dietary and health issues. And since many of them help with blood sugar, that means even people struggling with diabetic issues can learn to control their appetite without terrible crashes.

What can you expect from my fat burner and appetite suppressant CONTROLLED BURN? The #1 outcome is that you don’t want to eat. That’s the big one, obviously. And it also creates a thermogenic effect, which means it makes your body burn fat. So not only are you not eating and not creating more fat, you’re also burning what you’ve already stored. That tackles your weight problem from both sides.

Appetite suppressants resolve the self-control problem, the biggest reason people overeat or binge or keep weight on. Because so many of us are addicted to sugar and chemicals. It’s hard to break free from the food machine and just stop eating. Almost as hard as quitting smoking. If pills and patches work for that problem, why not for food, too?

And CONTROLLED BURN works extremely well for people trying intermittent fasting. I have guys writing to me all the time using an 8:16 or 6:18 fasting schedule, and they tell me this helps them hit those target windows without struggling. They aren’t spending eighteen hours waiting for their next meal or feeling fatigued. It’s constant energy and focus, and then choosing calmly what to eat during their window.

Buy a pack of my CONTROLLED BURN fat burner and appetite suppressant supplements today on my website at You’ll find tons of additional information there. If Amazon is more your speed, you can find me there as well. And if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area you can find them in local stores.