Supplements to Build Muscle without Burning Out

You want to build muscle fast without burning out at the gym or pulling a muscle.

I know, because that’s the worst-case scenario for most guys. You’re approaching your deadlift record, you’re about to bust through… and then you get hurt. Devastating. You spend the whole recovery time thinking about how close you got and how much work it’s going to take to reach where you were.

Anyone who’s ever had this happen wants to make sure it never happens again. And if it hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t let it.

That’s exactly why I tell my clients to take casein and creatine. Using the two compounds in combo creates a one-two killer punch for building muscle fast and keeping you safe from injury.

Let’s talk about each one and how they can transform your workout routine.


Too many guys roll straight out of bed and hit the gym on an empty stomach.

I get it, you don’t want to feel heavy or puke while lifting. But let me tell you something. If you get up and go workout without eating something, your body will burn something. Like amino acids. Or muscle tissue. It needs fuel, and if you don’t fill the tank you aren’t gonna like where that fuel comes. You’ll be working out just to kill your own muscle gain.

Casein solves that problem. Because casein takes eight hours to digest, you can drink it before bed. That way it’s still circulating in your system when you get up and work out in the morning. You get the benefits of refueling without feeling sluggish from eating.

I myself supplemented with casein at night when I got down to 7% body fat. It was a game changer because it meant my body got exactly what it needed when it needed it without sacrificing performance. If it worked for me at 7% bodyfat, it can work for you.

Also, when does your body repair itself and build muscle? While you’re sleeping! Drinking casein at bedtime is like an amino acid IV drip, or at least the next best thing. Your body can utilize it when it’s most useful: while you’re healing.

And casein puts you to sleep without any nasty side effects. The nootropics help you calm down without knocking you out. You get mellowed out and feel calm. No grogginess. So if sleep has been an issue, this can help.

No surprise, then, that I sell Casein Protein. My product is called Get Ripped Sleep Great. Our slow-digesting casein powder blends whey protein with nootropics so you maximize gains in the gym and get a good night’s sleep every night. That extra sleep means better healing, more energy, and a calmer brain all day.

Because it comes from me, you know it’s made of quality ingredients instead of processed crap. That includes 25g of protein, BCAs (branch chain amino acids), an enzyme blend to help you digest it easily, and melatonin.


There are a ton of misconceptions about creatine.

First of all, no, creatine is not a steroid. I get that question a lot from guys who hear about the positive effects and assume it must be. To address the second most common question, no, it doesn’t give you kidney stones, though I do recommend you drink plenty of water just in case you’re prone to those.

If it’s not a steroid, then how does it work? Creatine increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is how your body stores and transports energy. That means it makes your body more efficient in getting fuel where it needs to be. That optimization assists muscle tissue growth and brain tissue regeneration, supports brain function, and repairs muscles faster.

Faster gains, faster repairs, and a sharper brain. Sound like the benefits you want from a supplement? That’s why so many bodybuilders use it. And they use it so religiously that people assume it’s some kind of steroid. But it just optimizes your body’s natural processes.

And yes, I also sell a Creatine supplement. That’s because there’s so many on the market now that it’s impossible to tell what’s quality and what’s trash. So I created a blend to my own specifications that cuts out the garbage and gives your body exactly what it needs. And it doesn’t clump up and get nasty when you mix it. No granules, no grit. It just disappears like powdered sugar in water. And it’s 100% protein.

The Combo

Creatine works with casein by allowing you to recover more quickly while building a ton of new muscle. You’ll sleep better, recover faster, feel more awake and motivated, and your body will operate at peak performance. That impact makes these two a power combo, and it’s the #1 reason to supplement with both casein and creatine instead of just taking one or the other.

Besides, they’re scientifically designed to go together. Creatine molecules are small enough to go inside the casein molecules’ tubules so they are absorbed by the small intestine. When you supplement both together, you absorb more creatine in the long run because your stomach enzymes are not breaking them all down individually. Even their chemical design is perfect for combining.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying casein and/or creatine, give both a try together. The impact is huge. And if the million different brands make you wonder which to try, you can trust my own blend. I use it myself and designed it to give you what you need without any garbage. Just pure, clean fuel. Try a container today and experience the power for yourself.