The Best Product for Getting Enough Protein | Keto Vegan Protein Shake

So many fitness guys hate on vegans. And I get it, some of them can be annoying when they act like they’re morally superior to anyone who has ever eaten a spoonful of honey. I can’t stand those trendy pests either. Odds are good the same teenage girl hating on you for eating a hamburger will claim to be carnivore next week to impress the next guy she likes.

Not all vegans suck. In fact, most don’t. They’re normal people who happen to use a different nutritional strategy. A lot of plant-based people went vegan because they wanted to lose weight. Others have medical issues where their bodies can’t tolerate animal products. And a few have serious ethical qualms about factory farms, but they don’t shove it in your face because they know you’re not a bad person just because you eat meat. It’s their own conscientious objection.

Apart from personalities, the vegan issue confuses most bodybuilders. The mantra is, “You have to eat animals to build muscles.” Muscles come from protein, right? And you don’t get protein by chewing on your front lawn. You get it by eating the cow that’s chewing on your front lawn. A carnivore once told me, “Eat your food, not your food’s food.”

But here’s some harsh truth: As a personal trainer, I would take a vegan over a carnivore every day. Even if you’re a bodybuilder. Especially if you’re a bodybuilder.

Does that shock you? Most people are surprised when I say vegans are easiest to work with. But think about it. So many animal-based proteins have drugs, antibiotics, and processing. A guy can claim to be carnivore but be eating eggs washed with chemicals instead of farm-fresh. Or he tosses a bag of frozen chicken tenders in the oven and thinks he’s doing it right. Some guys eat hot dogs for lunch every day and tell me they’re healthy because they eat zero carbs.

But being vegan is tough. Parts of it suck, because you’ve got to be smart and make up for the nutrients you’re voluntarily missing from your food. That makes you pay attention to what’s actually in the food you’re eating. So when they do eat, smart vegans get to skip all that processing and get the natural, plant-based protein right into their bodies.

I am an omnivore, so I won’t take sides. Vegan or carnivore, I’d love to help you gain muscle mass and feel better. But I will say this: If you are vegan and want to build muscle, my broad-range protein will help you. And if you’re not vegan, you can still benefit from the clean, non-processed materials that smart vegans demand from their vegan supplements.

But how do you tell which ones are good and which are crap? Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy. So many protein powders are high-carb and packed with fillers. Companies usually throw a bunch of chemicals and additives in there. Add water, and it’s chemical soup. That’s a sludge your body does not need.

To give my clients the best supplement, I created my own protein product. And it’s vegan protein, so everyone can use it.

Introducing my new vegan protein powder, Strong as an Ox. Build muscle like the animal kingdom’s strongest herbivores, the vegan way. Our vegan protein powder is all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, and keto-friendly. 

That means it’s low-carb. Anyone on any diet can use this supplement and enjoy the benefits. If you’re vegan, this will give you the protein boost you need. And if you’re not vegan but going keto or low-carb, this supplement will help keep you full and give you the boost you need to get through your day.

The strength of a supplement comes down to what’s inside. So I made sure this vegan supplement is better than the usual crap on the market. The brown rice and pea proteins are pre-digested and immediately bio-available. It’s also not gritty or clumpy. It breaks all the way down without getting course. The best part is that your body will drink it up better than most protein powders. You won’t pass or urinate most of it, you’ll absorb it. That keeps you from wasting your money on expensive pee.

What are the two hardest parts of starting keto? Feeling hungry and trying to avoid carbs and sugar, right? Strong as an Ox cuts both of those problems off at the knees. You’ll feel nice and full with a blast of healthy protein without bogging you down. And you don’t have to worry about getting a ton of carbs or sugars mixed in with your powder.

Mine is sweetened with stevia and has MCT oil from coconuts. That’s a great fat source for vegans who may not get enough fats otherwise. And if you’re looking to add fat to a keto diet, this is an excellent way to do it. Strong as an Ox includes 0g sugar, 3 carbs, 1g fiber, 2g fat from MCT oil, and 25g protein. That’s a dream come true for keto dieters. And it doesn’t taste like cardboard. I know, because I couldn’t stand those other vegan keto powders, either, so I made this one taste great.

If you’re vegan or keto and looking for a clean protein powder, this is it. Strong as an Ox will meet your needs and keep you as strong as the world’s most powerful herbivores. Buy yourself a container today and gain an ox’s strength.