The Best Protein Grass Fed Collagen for Men

You may have seen collagen ads online or displays in stores. It’s everywhere now. They advertise it to both men and women. When it’s targeted to women, ads claim it’s supposed to make them gorgeous and supple.

Maybe you see those same ads targeted at men and think, what the hell is this stuff? Just another supplement? And why on earth would a male bodybuilder want to look like a pretty teenage girl?

Collagen comes from animals, often from bone marrow. Our ancestors, after killing an animal, would feast on organ meat and dig out the bone marrow to eat. Anthropologists have found evidence of mammoth bones cracked open and the marrow dug out with ancient spoons. There’s pure collagen hidden right there in those bones. Ever seen bone broth? That jelly-like substance in the soup? That’s collagen.

So why is collagen marketed for both female beauty and male bodybuilding? Because collagen helps all of your soft tissues. Think hair, skin, nails, etc. In fact it makes up about three-quarters of your skin and one-third of the protein in your hair. It also promotes healthy joints and — here’s the big one — boosts muscle mass.

What’s good for your wife’s face is also good for your bicep growth. It improves everything. That’s what makes it so trendy. It’s cheap to produce, all-natural, and everyone wants the benefits. Our ancestors ate it by the spoonful, and every bite made them better at killing the next mammoth.

The best part about collagen is that it’s bioavailable, meaning your body can consume it easily and get everything out of it without extra work. That makes it more powerful than other supplements your body has to break down and work to utilize.

Collagen is for people designing an optimal nutrition strategy. It repairs all the soft tissues in your body that get wrecked during heavy workouts, from your muscle fibers and joints right down to the skin on your palms. Just about every part of your body benefits from this boost.

That’s why I created my own collagen supplement. I call it Rebuild Your Body. Because that’s exactly what it does. The collagen goes to work repairing all the joint damage you’ve faced over the years from hard work and bad posture. If you’ve got old injuries, this will smooth the joints and make you feel younger. It will also make your hair and nails look incredible, which makes you more attractive to the ladies. They fixate on these markers of good health. That’s why they obsess over beauty routines because they notice this stuff. You can look better to women and grow your muscles at the same time.

Not all collagen supplements are created equal.You need to know the animal the collagen came from was healthy before you take its marrow. That’s why our grass-fed collagen builds muscle faster, optimizes your gut biome, repairs your body’s tissues after intense workouts, and keeps you feeling on your game all day.

You might be asking, “Is there a difference? I’ve been using whey protein forever and it gives me results.” But the truth is, you might be using a sub-optimal product without knowing it. You may see some benefit, but not all that you could be getting.

And other products can give you nasty side effects. Maybe you tolerate them for the gains, but you don’t have to. So if you’ve been eating a sub-par protein powder that hasn’t agreed with you, like whey, collagen won’t do that. You’ll have a much cleaner experience with even better results.

The best part about a quality collagen supplement is that you will notice a clear difference. Because with a lot of supplements, you just can’t tell, right? You pay a fortune and have a couple good days and wonder if the supplement is helping. That’s not how collagen works, and especially not my collagen. You’re gonna feel better and you’ll know exactly why.

Now, is drinking my collagen – grass fed whey protein supplement gonna double your muscle mass and make you look like Arnold in sixty days? No. I’m not promising you that. But the collagen does serve your whole body. In just two months you can expect:

  • Noticeably smoother skin
  • Longer hair (maybe even more of it!)
  • Stronger nails
  • Faster-healing injuries (joints, tendons, ligaments)

If this sounds like animal superpowers, you’re right. Animals eat bone marrow, and their claws, hair, and skin stay healthy. They even heal faster than us. Because they know where the collagen is. Tapping into this natural resource is your way to reconnect with your animal roots and feel better on a primal level.

And collagen makes it easier to gain muscle mass. That’s because you’re not hurting all the time after workouts. And during workouts, your joints are smoother and stronger, so you can go for more reps or increase your max load. Collagen is the grease that makes the gears smoother.

If you’re even thinking about adding collagen to your routine, you’re probably already working out and looking to optimize your body to achieve the best results. Optimizing without collagen is like building a car that’s beautiful on the outside but full of subpar wiring and rusty bolts. Collagen heals everything that holds your machine together. And it keeps you looking great on the outside, too.

Don’t buy some random collagen supplement and wonder if it came from a healthy animal. Go for the real stuff. Healthy, grass-fed, and approved by the best personal trainer in Texas. Buy a large bottle of Repair Your Body today and see the impact in just two months. Get your first bottle here.